Hcigar Towis Magic Box

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This is a mechanical box mod – meaning there are no electronics to keep you safe – so make sure you know your battery and build safety!

The power this would output would depend on what coils and batteries you use as there is no circuit to regulate or compensate for power fluctuations or user errors. You are not able to charge the battery when it is installed so in addition to buying batteries you will also need an external charger.

This comes with a Maze 1.1 bottom feed RDA which allows liquid from the Squonk bottle to be squeezed up into the tank to supply the coils – saving you having to keep stopping and adding a few drops of liquid to the coils. The experience of dripping without the inconvenience of dripping!

This has an 8ml squonk bottle included. The bottle is also compatible with the VT Inbox DNA75.                                                                                

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