Dejavu MECHA

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Product introduction
DEJAVU DJV Mech Mod, designed by the Youtube reviewer Adrian Lo Dejavu in Malaysia, powered by single 18650 battery, works efficiently with the available two types of button, the stainless steel or acrylics. Besides, the DEJAVU DJV features the innovative hybrid system, which makes the 510 pin of atomizer contact the battery directly for better power transfer and a harder, faster hit.
Together with the advanced canted coil inside the gold plated contact pin, the DEJAVU DJV Mech Mod can supply maximum firing and reduce heat effectively. Plus the optional spring and magnetic switch, it will be very easy to operate the DEJAVU DJV with different hand feel.
Size: 25x 87mm
Material: Brass
Thread: Hybrid 510 Thread
Contact Pin: Gold Plated
Switch: Include Magnet or Spring
Fire Button: Include Stainless Steel or Acrylic
Powered by single 18650 battery (Not included)
-Unique Portable Mech Mod Designed in Malaysia
-Optional Stainless Steel or Acrylic Fire Button
-Unique Hybrid System for Better Power Transfer
-Optional Spring or Magnet Switch for Different Hand Feel
-Innovative Canted Coil for Maximum Firing and Heat Dissipation
Package includes:
1x DEJAVU DJV Mech Mod
1x Alloy Knurling Sleeve (Assembled)
1x Polyacetal Sleeve
1x Spring (Assembled)
1x Magnet
1x DJV Camouflage Bag
2x Stickers
1x Accessory Pack                                                                                

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